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2024-07-10 16:53Add note wide mode for repostsWilliam Casarin3+112-45
2024-07-10 16:52refactor: rename ui::Note to ui::NoteViewWilliam Casarin6+16-12
2024-07-10 16:52docs: make note about not needing nix on ubunutuWilliam Casarin1+4-0
2024-07-05 14:37don't use an actual keystorage in Damus test appsWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-07-04 17:13fix scroll area shrinkingWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-07-02 23:38Switch to egui master to fix wgpu issuesWilliam Casarin6+710-746
2024-07-02 23:12switch to glow for nowWilliam Casarin2+1-23
2024-07-02 17:34allow missing profiles in account switcherWilliam Casarin2+30-35
2024-07-02 17:12select first accountkernelkind1+5-0
2024-07-02 01:18enable nip10 repliesWilliam Casarin6+139-16
2024-07-01 18:13keys: actually use the keystoreWilliam Casarin1+20-2
2024-07-01 17:42Merge 'impl linux credential storage' #115William Casarin9+319-33
2024-07-01 17:32always have some default timelineWilliam Casarin1+13-13
2024-07-01 14:31cleanup some dead codeWilliam Casarin1+0-19
2024-07-01 14:31post: full available widthWilliam Casarin1+2-1
2024-07-01 14:31add my pubkey to the timeline query for testingWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-07-01 14:02allow multiple invocations of --secWilliam Casarin1+16-12
2024-07-01 13:46drafts: clear post after postingWilliam Casarin2+7-0
2024-07-01 13:42initial note postingWilliam Casarin9+70-45
2024-07-01 13:41cli: add --sec argument to quickly add an accountWilliam Casarin1+108-61
2024-07-01 13:29damus: make relay pool publicWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-07-01 13:28account_manager: don't add the same pubkey more than onceWilliam Casarin1+18-2
2024-07-01 13:38enostr: rename Event to NoteWilliam Casarin7+130-136
2024-07-01 13:22env: allow private things like secret keysWilliam Casarin2+4-1
2024-06-25 18:16initial postbox for testingWilliam Casarin4+97-58
2024-06-25 18:20Merge remote-tracking branch 'pr/107'William Casarin10+231-56
2024-06-25 00:12fixed_window: fix clippy warningWilliam Casarin1+2-1
2024-06-25 00:11refactor: move fixed_window to uiWilliam Casarin4+5-8
2024-06-25 00:09popup: simplify borrowWilliam Casarin1+4-2
2024-06-24 23:47hide navigation title on global navWilliam Casarin3+15-9
2024-06-24 21:55refactor: use map instead of explicit `if let`William Casarin1+2-6
2024-06-24 21:55popup: increase fixed window marginWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-06-23 23:46reintroduce account managementkernelkind9+181-21
2024-06-21 17:14postbox: add focus shadow from figmaWilliam Casarin1+35-22
2024-06-21 16:58use unique id for post/reply viewWilliam Casarin1+5-1
2024-06-21 15:56postbox: add focused stateWilliam Casarin1+28-2
2024-06-21 15:56change selection color to purpleWilliam Casarin1+3-3
2024-06-20 20:43fix postbox designWilliam Casarin3+63-52
2024-06-20 20:05clippy postbox cleanupsWilliam Casarin2+7-8
2024-06-20 19:58add vertical separators between timelinesWilliam Casarin2+18-0
2024-06-18 23:11reintroduce account switcherkernelkind3+105-41
2024-06-14 19:16initial post box viewWilliam Casarin17+181-25
2024-06-14 18:12add --light lightmode flag to previews and notedeckWilliam Casarin5+32-13
2024-06-14 17:18fix lockWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-06-14 17:17darker quote reposts for mobileWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-06-12 18:02perf: don't clone bytes via a more specialized functionWilliam Casarin2+25-12
2024-06-13 18:57Add forward navigation animationWilliam Casarin4+54-43
2024-06-13 16:36actionbar: remove border on reply button, add expand animationWilliam Casarin3+29-17
2024-06-13 16:10remove useless structWilliam Casarin2+3-20
2024-06-12 17:46fix light borders for quote repostsWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-06-12 01:48lighter gray for inline previews in white modeWilliam Casarin1+2-2
2024-06-12 01:44fix colors againWilliam Casarin2+13-6
2024-06-12 00:44small inline preview pfpsWilliam Casarin6+110-67
2024-06-04 06:51initial navigationWilliam Casarin16+529-577
2024-06-11 23:10fix inline note preview colorsWilliam Casarin4+88-88
2024-06-10 14:58add test queries for elsatWilliam Casarin2+2137-0
2024-06-10 14:52args: allow filter files and raw filters on cliWilliam Casarin1+35-2
2024-06-10 13:10set tooltip delay to 100msWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-06-08 17:07reset virtual list if notes are spliced into timelineWilliam Casarin2+42-36
2024-05-30 10:50dont since-optimize when we don't have enough notesWilliam Casarin1+18-2
2024-05-30 13:10remote: use default_remote_limit instead of hardcodingWilliam Casarin1+4-3
2024-05-30 10:38filter: add default limitWilliam Casarin2+11-1
2024-05-28 21:10timeline: don't hide on resizeWilliam Casarin1+3-1
2024-05-31 06:08cleanupsWilliam Casarin5+14-40
2024-05-31 05:52mobile: make mobile flag runtime-configurableWilliam Casarin15+101-99
2024-05-31 06:01Merge remote-tracking branch 'pr/80'William Casarin26+982-496
2024-05-27 16:25cap size of remote filter limitsWilliam Casarin1+6-0
2024-05-27 16:25bump timeline filter limitWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-05-24 20:43debug: add some debug logs for keyboard note selectionWilliam Casarin1+3-1
2024-05-24 20:42input: fix deadlock on resizeWilliam Casarin1+28-4
2024-05-24 20:21mobile: use my timeline for testing againWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-05-24 20:21mobile: a tad more padding at the topWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-05-24 20:21update slow timeline queryWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-05-24 20:20nip10: fetch unknown replied-to notesWilliam Casarin6+93-16
2024-05-23 23:10Revert "deps: using tracing instead of log"William Casarin5+21-5
2024-05-23 22:59Merge MacOS key storageWilliam Casarin5+207-12
2024-05-23 22:50tabs: select notes & replies by defaultWilliam Casarin3+29-24
2024-05-18 03:53working notes + notes&repliesWilliam Casarin6+161-62
2024-05-23 21:16list: switch from arc mutext to rc refcellWilliam Casarin2+6-8
2024-05-18 02:32timeline: refactor tabs into TimelineViewWilliam Casarin4+156-30
2024-05-18 03:53input: handle raw eventsWilliam Casarin1+32-21
2024-05-18 00:27input: switch to scanning over raw input eventsWilliam Casarin1+19-4
2024-05-18 00:14input: process input onceWilliam Casarin1+8-6
2024-05-23 18:06perf: fix continuous repaintWilliam Casarin1+8-8
2024-05-18 00:36cleanup: remove old viewport codeWilliam Casarin1+0-42
2024-05-23 18:08deps: using tracing instead of logWilliam Casarin5+5-21
2024-05-20 17:49fonts: always use base fonts for all familiesWilliam Casarin1+11-9
2024-05-16 17:26don't bump timeline when adding notesWilliam Casarin2+17-3
2024-05-16 03:53fix clippy issuesWilliam Casarin2+2-1
2024-05-16 01:01simplify tab underline calculationWilliam Casarin1+2-2
2024-05-16 01:01mobile: add lots of top padding on mobileWilliam Casarin1+8-2
2024-05-16 01:01mobile: simplify is_mobileWilliam Casarin6+8-9
2024-05-16 00:39move add_space to its correct locationWilliam Casarin1+3-2
2024-05-16 00:20ui: integrate egui-tabs for notes & replies selectorWilliam Casarin6+108-10
2024-05-15 22:26ui: add feathering-resistant hline separator fnWilliam Casarin2+10-1
2024-05-15 16:31direnv: make args explicit so its easy to changeWilliam Casarin1+5-1
2024-05-15 16:36Merge commit 'refs/pull/github/53'William Casarin1+30-23
2024-05-15 16:16switch to rustls-tls-native-rootsWilliam Casarin3+19-197
2024-05-14 20:23migrate AccountManagementView to enostr Keypairkernelkind7+51-25
2024-05-09 19:21AccountSelectionWidgetkernelkind4+173-37
2024-05-09 19:21AccountManagementViewkernelkind9+555-3
2024-05-09 19:21Add SimpleProfilePreviewkernelkind1+90-41
2024-05-07 23:57remove nostr-sdkkernelkind4+58-538
2024-05-07 23:57Add keypair & update pubkeykernelkind4+119-2
2024-05-07 23:57use nostr in enostrkernelkind2+135-13
2024-05-04 17:25update version in comment because I still use this on my laptopWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-05-04 16:31nix: make android emulator optionalWilliam Casarin1+4-3
2024-05-03 17:10Add flag to emulate mobile during previewkernelkind4+34-6
2024-05-03 12:56move account_login_view to ui submoduleWilliam Casarin5+382-380
2024-05-02 21:25style: less bubblyWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-05-02 17:31nix: add openssl dep for reqwestWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-04-27 16:12move login logic from promise to async fnskernelkind2+109-101
2024-04-27 16:12add reqwest as dependencykernelkind2+368-14
2024-04-27 16:12login: Add key loading & error to mobilekernelkind1+44-24
2024-04-27 16:12Move login business logic to LoginManagerkernelkind2+117-28
2024-05-02 16:51textmode: adjust name sizing so it doesn't bump the columnWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2024-05-02 16:50textmode: no previews in textmore for nowWilliam Casarin1+2-1
2024-04-18 15:38since filter optimizationWilliam Casarin1+19-1
2024-04-29 21:05log relay subscriptionsWilliam Casarin1+5-0
2024-04-29 19:48mobile: don't add hover on mobileWilliam Casarin1+27-23
2024-04-29 19:47slightly larger pfpfsWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-04-29 18:01queries: set reasonable initial query sizesWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2024-04-29 18:00simplify is_mobile checkWilliam Casarin1+10-4
2024-04-29 00:55Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/virtual-list'William Casarin7+143-103
2024-04-27 08:01nip10: show initial reply information on notesWilliam Casarin9+208-71
2024-04-27 08:07github: remove pages workflowWilliam Casarin1+0-45
2024-04-24 18:00add hover to profile map demoWilliam Casarin4+54-14
2024-04-24 03:43fun large profile grid previewWilliam Casarin4+65-5
2024-04-24 01:20ui: add profile picture hover animationWilliam Casarin6+69-4
2024-04-24 15:53note: support nprofile mentionsWilliam Casarin1+28-23
2024-04-22 15:58perf: profiling note content renderingWilliam Casarin1+14-7
2024-04-22 00:57style: realtime hover interactionsWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-04-22 00:45ui: make pixel sizes correct, use more of the figmaWilliam Casarin8+55-25
2024-04-21 23:49ui: introduce profile picture widgetWilliam Casarin4+98-72
2024-04-21 23:36render_pfp: only depend on imgcacheWilliam Casarin1+12-12
2024-04-21 23:28profile: add about and username to profile previewsWilliam Casarin3+38-25
2024-04-21 22:55profiles: introduce DisplayNamesWilliam Casarin4+56-19
2024-04-21 22:00ui: add banners to profile previewsWilliam Casarin2+67-9
2024-04-21 21:50style: set 0 duration tooltip delayWilliam Casarin2+10-5
2024-04-21 21:34images: add aspect_fillWilliam Casarin1+45-1
2024-04-21 20:43test: update test profile with a bannerWilliam Casarin1+28-23
2024-04-21 22:02ui: remove some old note ui commentsWilliam Casarin1+0-19
2024-04-21 20:42previews: remove central panel frameWilliam Casarin1+3-1
2024-04-20 05:16readme: document previewsWilliam Casarin1+24-0
2024-04-20 05:00ui: add initial Profile hover previewsWilliam Casarin13+148-28
2024-04-20 04:53ui: move RelayView into ui moduleWilliam Casarin4+209-206
2024-04-20 02:20timeline: use strips instead of panelsWilliam Casarin1+29-53
2024-04-19 23:44Extract the sample relay to test_data for reusekernelkind3+41-28
2024-04-20 00:38a quick note about the View traitWilliam Casarin1+7-0
2024-04-20 00:37check: remove duplicate and disable wasm checksWilliam Casarin2+2-13
2024-04-19 21:32ci: disable wasm builds for nowWilliam Casarin1+30-30
2024-04-19 21:30fix clippy warningsWilliam Casarin11+82-83
2024-04-19 21:09introduce View and Previews traitsWilliam Casarin11+305-276
2024-04-17 17:36Add preview for RelayViewkernelkind2+46-1
2024-04-17 17:36Add relay viewkernelkind7+227-0
2024-04-17 17:36Add warn color and highlight colorkernelkind2+16-1
2024-04-17 17:36enostr: expose RelayStatuskernelkind1+1-1
2024-04-17 17:36Add monospace text stylekernelkind1+21-5
2024-04-17 17:36Seperate mobile dark color theme into its own funckernelkind2+20-4
2024-04-17 17:36Add precommit hook to suggest proper formattingkernelkind3+31-0
2024-04-17 17:36Apply cargo fmtkernelkind7+47-40
2024-04-17 21:37make notedeck front and centerWilliam Casarin1+6-6
2024-04-17 21:32readme: show notedeck previewWilliam Casarin1+6-0
2024-04-15 01:23ui: add frame around note previewsWilliam Casarin1+18-5
2024-04-14 23:50note: don't allow nested note previewsWilliam Casarin3+91-29
2024-04-14 23:30ids: find more unknown ids from inline notesWilliam Casarin1+21-6
2024-04-14 23:23ui: switch to flags for note optionsWilliam Casarin1+25-9
2024-04-14 23:23crates: add bitflagsWilliam Casarin2+30-28
2024-04-14 23:23ui: only inline preview kind1 notes for nowWilliam Casarin1+9-1
2024-04-14 19:11remove minimum window sizeWilliam Casarin1+0-4
2024-04-13 04:14mobile: black panel bg colorWilliam Casarin4+27-23
2024-04-13 04:00theme: update to correct colors based on figma designWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-04-13 03:29fix until filtersWilliam Casarin3+7-3
2024-04-12 17:02Use custom style in appkernelkind2+22-26
2024-04-12 17:02Refactor 'ui tests' conception to previewskernelkind9+134-81
2024-04-12 17:02Add MobileAccountLoginViewkernelkind1+65-0
2024-04-12 17:02Apply app style to AccountLoginViewkernelkind2+89-104
2024-04-12 17:02Add modular custom text styleskernelkind3+96-1
2024-04-12 17:02Add custom visual themeskernelkind3+185-2
2024-04-13 01:53initial inline note previewsWilliam Casarin2+83-41
2024-04-13 01:52get all missing ids from all timelinesWilliam Casarin2+96-56
2024-04-12 23:46ui: simplify note widgetWilliam Casarin2+100-98
2024-04-12 23:16refactor: rename widgets to uiWilliam Casarin9+279-279
2024-04-12 23:03refactor: move note into its own widgetWilliam Casarin3+270-245
2024-04-12 23:03profiling: update puffin versionWilliam Casarin2+14-51
2024-04-12 22:09textmode: fix coloring of abbreviated namesWilliam Casarin2+34-19
2024-04-11 22:03readme: add usageWilliam Casarin1+8-0
2024-04-11 22:00fix warningsWilliam Casarin1+2-7
2024-04-11 21:47readme: make it clear that its for desktopWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-04-11 21:35add rustup just in caseWilliam Casarin1+2-2
2024-04-04 18:50Add nix-shell for macos android developmentkernelkind3+80-35
2024-04-11 20:36ircmode: tighten usernameWilliam Casarin1+2-2
2024-04-11 18:41we should just called this damusWilliam Casarin1+5-1
2024-04-11 18:38Merge remote-tracking branch 'android/master'William Casarin1+5-0
2024-04-11 18:09irc modeWilliam Casarin3+171-50
2024-04-10 01:49log: reduce spammy new note logWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-04-10 01:49queries: update hashtags queryWilliam Casarin1+25-23
2024-04-07 21:53update to latest nostrdb, adding tag supportWilliam Casarin3+42-41
2024-04-01 17:16Fix all warningsWilliam Casarin8+26-47
2024-04-01 15:04Add ui_test_harness binary implementationkernelkind5+82-3
2024-04-01 15:04Constrain app minimum sizekernelkind1+1-0
2024-04-01 15:04Use app_creation for common app setup functionskernelkind4+32-16
2024-04-01 15:04Create account login panelkernelkind5+297-0
2024-04-01 15:04Add login managerkernelkind2+24-0
2024-04-01 15:04Update egui 0.26.1 -> 0.27.1kernelkind3+77-32
2024-03-22 22:33Add login key parsingkernelkind3+274-0
2024-03-22 22:32Add nostr-sdk dependencykernelkind2+911-8
2024-03-24 17:15update cargo.lock to reflect toml changekernelkind1+1-1
2024-03-26 09:20fix global queryWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-03-22 10:15load timelines from commandlineWilliam Casarin2+59-48
2024-03-22 10:12queries: add a few more test queriesWilliam Casarin2+41-0
2024-03-22 09:23filters: fix hashtag filtersWilliam Casarin2+9-0
2024-03-21 17:23test: use my timeline query by default for testingWilliam Casarin1+4-4
2024-03-21 15:24test: add test timeline queryWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-03-21 14:54ui: reduce vertical padding for more compact timelinesWilliam Casarin1+2-1
2024-03-21 13:31nostrdb: bump to support timeline queriesWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-03-21 13:30style: initial logic for mobile styleWilliam Casarin1+18-3
2024-03-21 13:30gitignore: add perf filesWilliam Casarin1+2-0
2024-03-21 13:28actionbar: support both dark and light buttonsWilliam Casarin2+14-21
2024-03-13 16:48Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'William Casarin1+3-0
2024-03-13 13:33widgets: begin organizing ui components into widgetsWilliam Casarin7+171-108
2024-03-13 13:24filter: unify nostrdb and remote limitsWilliam Casarin1+9-4
2024-03-13 13:23app: make ndb publicWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-03-12 10:11weird actionbar experimentWilliam Casarin4+65-17
2024-03-09 09:39actionbar placeholderWilliam Casarin1+9-1
2024-03-09 09:21black backgroundWilliam Casarin3+19-5
2024-02-27 23:02fix typoWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-16 23:42profile picture image cacheWilliam Casarin8+173-50
2024-02-17 01:14deps: update poll-promise, add hexWilliam Casarin2+22-19
2024-02-16 19:37relay: don't query unknown authors if we have none to queryWilliam Casarin1+11-9
2024-02-16 19:38pfp: small fix in profile pic loadingWilliam Casarin1+2-2
2024-02-16 19:36debug: fix annoying decode error messageWilliam Casarin2+2-5
2024-02-16 19:36fonts: remove old font loading codeWilliam Casarin2+3-31
2024-02-16 19:37style: allow font style customization in the futureWilliam Casarin1+3-4
2024-02-16 00:18fonts: implement roberto's typography for notedeckWilliam Casarin2+95-34
2024-02-15 22:53ui: remove extra padding on main panelWilliam Casarin1+14-5
2024-02-15 22:05perf: fix profilerWilliam Casarin2+14-51
2024-02-15 21:56ui: add reltime renderingWilliam Casarin2+35-5
2024-02-15 21:03notecache: add initial in-memory notecacheWilliam Casarin3+27-0
2024-02-15 21:03time: add time_ago function from Damus iOSWilliam Casarin2+48-0
2024-02-15 20:58timecache: add timecache help for timed cachesWilliam Casarin2+28-0
2024-02-15 20:57deps: bump nostrdb to include notekey hashWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2024-02-15 21:04android: fix argsWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-15 21:04perf: always show profiling info for nowWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-15 20:57envrc: add my pubkey for testingWilliam Casarin1+2-0
2024-02-15 21:04query: reduce initial filter size for nowWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-15 21:04nix: add some debug and heap tracking utilsWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-12 09:07enable japanese, chinese, korean fontsWilliam Casarin1+7-9
2024-02-12 09:07disable inline image renderer for nowWilliam Casarin1+7-5
2024-02-12 09:06enable passing queries via argumentWilliam Casarin3+36-19
2024-02-11 22:40images: add copy link to image context menuWilliam Casarin1+8-2
2024-02-11 22:08bump nostrdbWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2024-02-11 21:58media: render images on postsWilliam Casarin1+50-37
2024-02-11 21:58deps: install ehttp loaderWilliam Casarin2+17-2
2024-02-11 21:03links: set hyperlink color to purpleWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-02-11 21:00note: make links clickableWilliam Casarin2+71-64
2024-02-11 20:49cargo: rename to notedeckWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-11 20:35macos: render into the titlebarWilliam Casarin2+38-27
2024-02-11 19:57add a few more relays for testingWilliam Casarin1+9-0
2024-02-11 04:24profiles: find missing profiles from mentionsWilliam Casarin1+49-12
2024-02-11 04:24bump nostrdbWilliam Casarin2+3-3
2024-02-11 02:46note: render mentionsWilliam Casarin1+66-7
2024-02-11 01:13note: add render_note_contents stubWilliam Casarin1+20-28
2024-02-11 01:13name: don't render display_name first if its emptyWilliam Casarin1+2-2
2024-02-11 00:15apply cargo warning suggested fixesWilliam Casarin9+32-82
2024-02-11 00:14note: show non-displayname if we have itWilliam Casarin1+2-0
2024-02-11 00:14enostr: remove nostr crate for nowWilliam Casarin4+19-454
2024-02-10 23:18add wgpu again since I remove it by accidentWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-10 23:11profiles: fetch missing profiles when receiving notesWilliam Casarin1+31-7
2024-02-10 22:46home: move subscriptions to timelineWilliam Casarin4+65-49
2024-02-10 21:58updates depsWilliam Casarin1+9-22
2024-02-10 21:57android: pass in internal data path for dbWilliam Casarin4+28-28
2024-02-10 02:55Revert "android: attempt to get it working on really old versions"William Casarin2+2-11
2024-02-10 02:55initial fixes for android buildWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2024-02-10 02:55update cargo depsWilliam Casarin2+62-350
2024-02-10 02:22restore top panel behaviorWilliam Casarin1+12-12
2024-02-10 00:59LOCAL RELAY MODEL IS WORKINGWilliam Casarin7+204-149
2024-02-10 00:59bump cargoWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2024-02-07 23:47gitignore: ignore db filesWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2024-02-07 23:46subs: switch to multiple-filter styleWilliam Casarin3+10-6
2024-02-07 23:18local nostrdb subscriptions workingWilliam Casarin8+203-156
2024-02-07 23:18update depsWilliam Casarin2+443-428
2023-12-25 18:45make: fix tagsWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2024-02-07 20:06add enostr->nostrdb filter conversionsWilliam Casarin1+37-0
2024-02-07 20:06update to latest eguiWilliam Casarin4+21-96
2024-02-07 20:06update cargoWilliam Casarin2+1788-374
2024-02-07 20:02enostr: use data instead of strings in Pubkey and EventIdWilliam Casarin5+159-67
2024-02-07 20:01enostr: update depsWilliam Casarin2+791-29
2024-01-04 15:59fonts: use gossip's font loading code for testingWilliam Casarin2+79-3
2024-01-04 15:59assets: add some fontsWilliam Casarin9+0-0
2023-10-01 03:46rename main -> notedeckWilliam Casarin1+0-0
2023-10-01 03:45build: add small profileWilliam Casarin1+8-0
2023-12-25 02:13only add kind1 to timelineWilliam Casarin1+6-5
2023-12-25 02:13render only 50 events for now until we have infinite scrollWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-12-24 22:23net: geometric backoff connection retries on disconnectsWilliam Casarin3+61-10
2023-12-24 22:22timeline: add new notes at the startWilliam Casarin1+3-1
2023-12-24 22:21log: remove "woke up" log. it's annoyingWilliam Casarin1+0-1
2023-12-24 20:39Revert "Update"William Casarin1+0-6
2023-12-24 20:28pool: process all events as soon as possibleWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-12-24 20:25pool: implement keepalive pingingWilliam Casarin2+52-10
2023-12-24 20:24relay: add ping methodWilliam Casarin1+5-0
2023-12-24 20:32log: chop some noisy logsWilliam Casarin1+2-5
2023-12-24 20:33ui: brighter timeline textWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-12-17 17:30viewport scroll rendering experimentsWilliam Casarin1+103-44
2023-12-17 17:29android: attempt to get it working on really old versionsWilliam Casarin2+11-2
2023-12-17 16:49Update README.mdalltheseas1+6-0
2023-11-29 09:57add cargo-apk and aarch64-linux-android target0xb10c2+6-2
2023-11-29 04:43compilation instructionsWilliam Casarin1+22-0
2023-11-29 04:38framed shotWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-11-29 04:35fix imageWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-11-29 04:35smaller imageWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-11-29 04:32android branchWilliam Casarin1+7-2
2023-11-27 00:40ui: add initial post composition windowWilliam Casarin1+41-7
2023-11-27 00:39nix: fix pkg-configWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-07-09 21:21add padding to top panel on mobileWilliam Casarin3+38-3
2023-07-09 21:20show fps on top panelWilliam Casarin2+15-1
2023-07-09 21:08add frame_history helper from eguiWilliam Casarin1+126-0
2023-07-09 19:29add temporary release keystoreWilliam Casarin2+4-0
2023-07-09 19:17make sure it's still working on androidWilliam Casarin5+26-18
2023-07-09 18:11timeline: add ui_abbrev_nameWilliam Casarin3+33-1
2023-07-06 21:18desktop -> notedeckWilliam Casarin2+2-2
2023-07-07 02:38enostr: add initial note codeWilliam Casarin1+91-0
2023-07-07 02:37fix fmt warningWilliam Casarin1+0-1
2023-07-07 02:37add default name placeholderWilliam Casarin1+2-0
2023-07-07 02:37make spinner the correct sizeWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-07-07 02:36add puffin profilingWilliam Casarin2+50-0
2023-07-07 02:36remove bg_colorWilliam Casarin1+1-3
2023-07-07 02:36eventid: asref implementationWilliam Casarin1+6-0
2023-07-07 02:36nix: use_android flagWilliam Casarin1+6-6
2023-07-07 02:35pool: fix some warnings when targeting wasmWilliam Casarin1+7-1
2023-07-07 02:35bump deps in prep for profiling changesWilliam Casarin4+351-646
2023-07-07 00:50Revert "json: deserialize note ids into bytes"William Casarin9+29-84
2023-07-07 00:09json: deserialize note ids into bytesWilliam Casarin9+84-29
2023-07-06 21:39bumpWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-07-06 21:38fix light modeWilliam Casarin1+15-19
2023-07-06 21:15design: remove extra scrollbars, move toward designWilliam Casarin3+58-37
2023-07-06 20:10resizable uiWilliam Casarin1+20-15
2023-07-06 18:20upgrade to egui 0.22.0William Casarin4+804-636
2023-07-06 17:45Revert "text: make content selectable"William Casarin1+1-5
2023-07-06 17:44deps: bump poll-promise to masterWilliam Casarin2+2-3
2023-07-06 17:11text: make content selectableWilliam Casarin1+5-1
2023-07-06 15:42update readmeWilliam Casarin1+2-4
2023-07-06 01:15Profile picture processingWilliam Casarin4+86-47
2023-07-06 15:26trunk: notedeckWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-07-06 15:40makefile for building tagsWilliam Casarin1+5-0
2023-07-05 23:40nix: turn off android for nowWilliam Casarin1+3-3
2023-07-05 23:40switch to shatterWilliam Casarin5+15-270
2023-07-05 21:56add licenseWilliam Casarin1+1-0
2023-07-05 21:55bump depsWilliam Casarin1+662-479
2023-07-05 21:52fonts: change font to onestWilliam Casarin4+86-2
2023-07-05 21:52fonts: add onestWilliam Casarin7+0-0
2023-07-01 18:27parser: add utf8 seeking functionsWilliam Casarin4+173-35
2023-07-01 18:26check scriptWilliam Casarin1+11-0
2023-07-01 18:25codename is domus for nowWilliam Casarin1+1-1
2023-07-01 18:23add env_loggerWilliam Casarin2+185-35
2023-06-30 23:30parser: add fast utf8 parsingWilliam Casarin1+118-18
2023-06-29 03:24Add simple parserWilliam Casarin2+42-0
2023-06-28 19:31boopWilliam Casarin1+2-0
2023-06-28 19:30add From<&str> for PubkeyWilliam Casarin2+10-1
2022-12-16 08:48contact nameWilliam Casarin1+13-5
2022-12-16 08:16customize colors a bitWilliam Casarin1+12-0
2022-12-14 02:55Update readmeWilliam Casarin1+2-74
2022-12-12 22:51default pfpWilliam Casarin2+18-10
2022-12-12 22:33many improvementsWilliam Casarin15+337-121
2022-12-12 02:56initial real data rendering workingWilliam Casarin2+52-23
2022-12-12 02:34receiving initial messages!William Casarin7+117-22
2022-12-12 01:09relay connected!William Casarin12+266-53
2022-12-11 23:46initial nostr codeWilliam Casarin16+1434-41
2022-12-11 00:57wgpu + egui 0.20.0William Casarin8+603-966
2022-12-01 15:20I dunnoWilliam Casarin2+5-3
2022-11-30 19:57get it working on all platforms againWilliam Casarin9+1225-441
2022-11-30 19:23android: can I has internetWilliam Casarin1+3-0
2022-11-30 19:13some more misc updatesWilliam Casarin2+10-4
2022-11-30 19:12fix render resume on androidWilliam Casarin1+18-10
2022-11-30 19:10don't panic if we ever fail to lock hereWilliam Casarin1+9-8
2022-11-30 03:01no idea why this is working nowWilliam Casarin4+363-366
2022-11-30 02:42WIP TEST PLZ REVERTWilliam Casarin3+65-617
2022-11-30 02:27android progressWilliam Casarin5+1646-464
2022-11-07 08:11dominus demoWilliam Casarin4+75-49
2022-11-07 04:54progressWilliam Casarin6+91-336
2022-11-07 03:32progressWilliam Casarin4+1195-63
2022-11-07 00:42initial egui damus appWilliam Casarin6+52-50
2022-11-06 05:12Initial commitWilliam Casarin19+2634-0