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diff --git a/index.gmi b/index.gmi @@ -9,3 +9,11 @@ Welcome to the fedwiki gemini portal. Here are some interesting links to get you > When I think of federation I'm thinking about the distributed evolution of knowledge => YouTube - The Federated Wiki => / Distributed Truth + +## Known Issues + +One unique aspect of the federated wiki is the amount of javascript client-side logic in the browser client. For instance, when you try to visit a local article that does not exist, it will look to see if this article is available elsewhere in the forked neighborhood. Since there is no way to do client-side logic in gemini you just get Not Found. + +We could do existence checks before the page is served, but this could slow down the request. I'm open to suggestions for ways to show neighborhoods and federation features. + +We could do a better job at rendering images and other content as well. Not every wiki item is supported. Mainly just paragraphs, unprocessed markdown, and unprocessed html at the moment. We could use a bit more code to clean up the markdown and html before rendering it to gemtext.