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      1 # federated wiki gemini portal
      3 Welcome to the fedwiki gemini portal. Here are some interesting links to get you started
      5 => / Ward's Journal
      6 => / Ward's Dreams and ToDos
      7 => / The Dayton Experiment Hyperbook
      9 > When I think of federation I'm thinking about the distributed evolution of knowledge
     10 => YouTube - The Federated Wiki
     11 => / Distributed Truth
     13 ## Known Issues
     15 One unique aspect of the federated wiki is the amount of javascript client-side logic in the browser client. For instance, when you try to visit a local article that does not exist, it will look to see if this article is available elsewhere in the forked neighborhood. Since there is no way to do client-side logic in gemini you just get Not Found.
     17 We could do existence checks before the page is served, but this could slow down the request. I'm open to suggestions for ways to show neighborhoods and federation features.
     19 We could do a better job at rendering images and other content as well. Not every wiki item is supported. Mainly just paragraphs, unprocessed markdown, and unprocessed html at the moment. We could use a bit more code to clean up the markdown and html before rendering it to gemtext.
     21 You can grab the code for this place here:
     23 =>
     25 Feel free to send me patches via email
     27 =>