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diff --git a/index.gmi b/index.gmi @@ -18,3 +18,6 @@ Welcome to my Gemini capsule. I will most likely be moving away from my gopher h I don't have any gemlogs yet, check back soon! +## Updates + +* 2021-03-19 - Updated physics notes (representation theory, etc) and added dream journal diff --git a/notes/dream-journal/2021-03-19.gmi b/notes/dream-journal/2021-03-19.gmi @@ -0,0 +1,26 @@ + +# First person shooters and alternate dimensions + +``` +Friday, March 19th - 04:00 +``` + +My dream starts with biden opening trumps wall for migrants. I remember opening a large metal gate as a border guard. I had an assault rifle. For some reason there were armed Mexicans from their side assisting with the migration. All of a sudden shooting started from both sides. I was trying to take out a sniper but noticed the bullet drop rate was really fast even though she was relatively close. + +I eventually stormed a building on their side and took out most of their border guards, although I still don’t know why, aren’t we supposed to be working together!? + +I ended up getting 4 legendary item drops, which were orange coloured. Two legendary pistols, one looked like a revolver. Two legendary rings. One legendary ring was a part of the pistol drop which was interesting. It like detached from the pistol and was its own legendary item. + +I made a remark of how lucky I was this round. So I guess this was a first person shooter rpg or something. + +Moving on to the next phase of my dream... + +I fell deep into weird underground abandoned building filled with stuffed animals. There was someone or something with me that was turning into a larger stuffed bear animal as it fell katamari damacy style. + +Some physicists on the outside determined I fell into some alternate dimension or physical reality and then were devising a theory on how to get me out. + +This is where my dream got somewhat abstract. They were deriving a theory based on “pellations” or “pelations”. Which they described as some “quotient space of some abstract algebra.” I remember picturing geometric objects getting added together via some kind of exterior algebra. + +I was studying physics the night before so I’m guessing this is where this came from, even though it appears to be gibberish. + +This is where I woke up. My cat appears to be sleeping on top of me. diff --git a/notes/index.gmi b/notes/index.gmi @@ -5,3 +5,9 @@ These are my notes. Here you will find things I have been thinking about recentl => physics.gmi Physics => gemini-notes.gmi Gemini Note Taking + +## Dream Journal + +I've started added some journals of my dreams. Usually I forget my dreams, but sometimes when I wake up I jot down what I can remember. Makes for some slightly entertaining reading if you are bored. + +=> dream-journal/2021-03-19.gmi 2021-03-19 - First person shooter and alternate dimensions diff --git a/notes/physics.gmi b/notes/physics.gmi @@ -1,6 +1,18 @@ # Physics +## Representation Theory + +=> Representation Theory and Quantum Mechanics + +> Representation theory is important in physics for a billion reasons, but here is one: Hilbert spaces are complex vector spaces, so any group action on a Hilbert space will necessarily be a group representation. Therefore, if we want to understand how groups can act on quantum mechanical state spaces, we must understand representation theory. This shouldn’t be very surprising. Quantum mechanics is really just glorified linear algebra, and representation theory is all about using linear algebra to study groups. + +### Moment maps? + +First time I've heard of "moment maps": + +> The topic with the least explicit foreshadowing is the relationship between Hamiltonian mechanics, the moment map, and quantization, which is the last topic of these notes. The story of the moment map is perhaps my favorite one here, if only because it is poorly explained everywhere else. The moment map gives a much richer connection between symmetries and conserved quantities than Noether’s theorem, and should be better known by physics students. + ## Future of Matter => Michael Nielsen's Future of Matter