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2021-12-06-format-timestamps-anywhere.gmi (1186B)

      2 # A tool that formats timestamps anywhere
      4 I'm not sure how common this is for other people, but I constantly find myself looking at unix timestamps in logs of various kinds. Whether it's output from an API, or logs from some program. I found it frustrating that I couldn't just convert these timestamps into human-readable dates automagically.
      6 Well frustration no longer! I decided to write a small C program that detects timestamps in any text stream, and formats them.
      8 => gemini:// datefmt
     10 If you find this useful, feel free to package it in your linux distro of choice.
     12 I have a few other programs I have been meaning to properly publish, like another small C program that adds zebra lines to the output of any command. I use this for viewing CSVs in the terminal, when combined with less -S it makes CSVs with long rows a bit more legible. Perhaps I'll save this for a future post.
     14 One new timesaving unix utility a day keeps the doctor away, or so I have been told. I actually have not been told this, and now that I think about it, it's not clear if too many unix utilities is good for you. I suspect too many may drive you mad, but I digress.