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      2 * Suggestions
      4 `arubi` from #bitcoin-dev
      6     10:44 <arubi> jb55, awesome. for my serializer, I also defined a few "make
      7     your life easy" templates, like plain numbers are treated as scriptnum (need
      8     to be valid), the character @ means minimal push, so something like @<hex
      9     pubkey> is converted to 0x21 0x<pubkey> (and longer pushes if needed), a
     10     0x<hex> is just treated like literal serialized part of the script.. you're
     11     probably already on it, but just my pov :)
     13     11:16 <arubi> the behavior is pretty similar really, segwit serializes the
     14     codesep while legacy doesn't. segwit makes checksig ops a lot easier because
     15     of the better sighash scheme in bip143. there are so many interesting
     16     sighash types, and there are probably going to be more eventually, that
     17     implementing legacy just seems like a waste of time now
     19 * Remaining OPCODES